Communication Skills

In this workshop, we learn to look at communication from two different points of view:

     1.     Communication as an essential part of any systemic process.

     2.     The system as a communication process.

Here we need to differentiate between public communication and group communication inside the organisation. However, in both we need to be aware of what the performer wants to project and which statement is actually being perceived. Many times, there's a big gap between both, a thing that may lead to confusion and misunderstanding. In this workshop, we work on how to be perceived in a way that still makes justice to our true intention.

In addition, we address the issue of communication channels. Technology is giving us more and more channels. Whether it is online, such as phones, emails, social media, TV, radio... or offline, like published media and human network,… Those channels are only tools. The communication skills that are owned by the performer would help him/her to use the tools for his/her advantage. Through movement and theatre games we focus on the idea of exchange, presence, engagement of the body and the voice in order to deliver a message. We begin with abstract and simplistic concepts, and depending on the process, we aspire to reach more complex and structured exercises. The work will be mostly through movement in space.


     1.     an empty and safe space of minimum 40m²

     2.     The group size that would fit to a 40m² room is around 11 members (10 participants and one teacher. The bigger the space the more participants it can contain).

     3.     Mobile chairs

The Workshops

          Communication Skills

     •     Improvisation and Structure

     •     Public Speaking

     •     Relationships at work

     •     Objectives and actions

          Group Dynamic