Improvisation vs Structure

Improvisation and structure are two sides of the same coin. As performers we intend to create functioning systems. As human beings we are aware of ourselves being dynamic entities that can be unexpected. We have feelings, mood, thoughts... We change from moment to moment. On the other hand when we wish to work in functional organisations, where consistency and reliability are essentials.

In this workshop, we use theatre games, to understand what we can learn from each one, and learn how to use them in a proportional combination. Many treat structure as limitation. We are going to find in structure guiding lines while maximising our freedom in the structure, a thing that allows us to stay reliable and consistent, yet be creative and innovative.


     1.     an empty and safe space of minimum 40m²

     2.     The group size that would fit to a 40m² room is around 11 members (10 participants and one teacher. The bigger the space the more participants it can contain).

     3.     Mobile chairs

The Workshops

          Communication Skills

     •     Improvisation and Structure

     •     Public Speaking

     •     Relationships at work

     •     Objectives and actions

          Group Dynamic