Public Speaking

Public speaking is a significant tool that is used to communicate a vision with potential buyers of products or ideas. We call those potential buyers listers or viewers. We use performance acting techniques from the other workshops, yet, we focus here more on the technical aspect of the speech, such as voice and body language, movement. In case we choose to work with more structured public speaking systems, we work also with textual techniques, reasoning and repetition.


     1.     an empty and safe space of minimum 40m²

     2.     The group size that would fit to a 40m² room is around 11 members (10 participants and one teacher. The bigger the space the more participants it can contain).

     3.     Relevant texts and themes inspired by the world of the clients' conception.

     4.     Mobile chairs

The Workshops

          Communication Skills

     •     Improvisation and Structure

     •     Public Speaking

     •     Relationships at work

     •     Objectives and actions

          Group Dynamic