Relationships at work

Many challenges in working environment are caused by misunderstanding the nature of objective relationships. Many employees associate phenomenas and terms such as authority, functions, structures, systems, hierarchy, organisation... with negative connotations. This perception maybe experienced from a subjective personal point of view and many times this would be a main cause of blockages and even inner conflicts in the organisation.

In this workshop, we use some exercises from professional acting techniques and learn the codes of objective relationships and subjective relationships and we learn when to focus on which and when to avoid which, in order to maintain a pleasant emotional experience within a functional system.


     1.     an empty and safe space of minimum 40m²

     2.     The group size that would fit to a 40m² room is around 11 members (10 participants and one teacher. The bigger the space the more participants it can contain).

     3.     Mobile chairs

The Workshops

          Communication Skills

     •     Improvisation and Structure

     •     Public Speaking

     •     Relationships at work

     •     Objectives and actions

          Group Dynamic