When you have to act, act! Don't talk!

Performance Workshops

for Business

Training of Teams, Managers and Executive

"Shredy Jabarin has helped me to become aware of the communication that goes beyond the words, the non-verbal communication, the real objective of my presentation, the intention. I can learn to master intentions over impulse and become aware of what I really communicate. I enjoy every coaching, from the beginning. I always have the feeling of having learned something about me." Montse Cervera, HR Consultant at Keysight Technologies

There is a lot that we can learn from the Art of Performance, that can inspire our organisations and systems. What defines the quality of a performance? What is the differences and the similarities between a system’s performance and people's performance? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? What can people learn from systemic performance and how can businesses and organisations use systemic qualities and human qualities and still keep employees functioning productively? These workshops are created to help teams and working environments make the maximum out of their potential.

Each one of the following workshops can inspire and be inspired by the other workshops, but in each one, we focus more on the relevant theme. The workshops can contain a wide range of options, exercises, number of sessions, hours per session, frequency of meetings… All that will be defined more specifically depending on various factors, such as budget, time table, amount of participants, the character of the group… The longer time we divide a workshop on, the more space we have for training, a thing that allows the participants also to apply the knowledge and have it also as part of their emotional intelligence, not only as an intellectual input.

The Workshops

          Communication Skills

     •     Improvisation and Structure

     •     Public Speaking

     •     Relationships at work

     •     Objectives and actions

          Group Dynamic