Performance Coaching

Performers face many unpleasant experiences through the journey and in  the working environments. There are  many stories about Performers live confused, dropping out of their profession because of confusion, not being able to find the way in this aggressive lifestyle, facing personal or professional challenges with colleagues, partners, family and non professional guidance...

There are many reasons why performers face confusion and absence of orientation. The good news are, that each Performer can, with healthy relevant guidance achieve everything he dreams of. All it requires is healthy guidance by real performers who studied the Arts of Performance professionally and practiced it.

Lack of knowledge and lack of professional guidance is one of the main reasons of most professional and personal disorientation and confusion. It can also be as a result of engaging with unreliable sources that only create misconceptions and disinformation.

If you feel that a dysfunctional working environment creates confusion, challenges, inner and outer conflicts,

If the quality of your performance is not bringing you the results that you wish,

contact me for guidance!

Price (per individual)

* 50€ per hour.

Shredy supported us in our development and always explained everything  really clearly ,making sure everybody understood.

He made me believe again in my dream and in myself. Shredy supported me a lot,believed in me and told me I could make it.

Sometimes I was standing in front of a wall that my body or my mind builded because they were scared of the changes. He helped us to break those but also to learn our limits and controls not to hurt ourselves. It's all a process.

Vie Moser.