Skype/FaceTime Performance Coaching


All coaching themes below are available also on Skype/FaceTime. So even if you live anywhere around the world, all you need is an internet connection. To know more about the specific coaching, visit the relevant page. (Please pay attention to the additional 4€ fee (per session) for skype coaching, as a result of paypal/credit card payment).

For more information about each coaching, click on the relevant link:

     •     Public Speaking

     •     Performance coaching

     •     Casting and audition preparation

     •     Artists' Coaching

Price (for individual, Including credit card and Paypal fees)

• 74€ Per hour, for one time session.

• 540€ for ten hours process (50€ per hour).

How to Book a session:

1- Choose one of the available dates below!

2- Contact me with your full name, skype

    name/facetime email, and the request to book

    the chosen hour.

3- I send you a confirmation of the session


4- Transfer the fee via the paypal button

    below within 48hours.

5- I send you a last email with some info.

    Please accept my skype contact request.

6- Session booked! I'll be calling you on  

     Skype/FaceTime  just on time :)